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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Launch of The Reel Five Movie Rankings Aggregator Betasite

Up to now we have published our Reel Fives content on the URL for our old blog Rocking Potatoes. Now the lists of best movies ranked for all of movie genres we have collected are now available at our Reel Fives Movie Rankings Aggregator beta site! All of the Reel Fives movie articles can be found there currently.

There are new pages you should check out inf interested. They include our Ranked Genres Top Movies Page which lists all of the movie genres we have aggregated rankings for up to date.  The listings of all our posts on top movies is in our All Reel Fives Posts page now there is better organization on the specific types of articles available. You can check out our Rankings Releases of Top Movies for each Genre with discusses the aggregated movie rankings and provides reactions.  Our page on Reel Fives Feature Articles has posts that are more in depth and interesting article series - such as the movies that influenced Quentin Tarantino or the evolution of the Women in Film. We also have a Reel Fives Movie Lists page which displays all of our posts that provide recommendations, usually topical and timely, on movies to watch.  

Also of interest may be the About Us page which describes a bit of the history of Reel Fives.  The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has a good amount of clarification, including how we produce are rankings on the best movies for different film genres. 

Finally we are  developing a Reel Fives News Letter and would be grateful if you could join the Reel Fives News Letter to get the latest on Reel Fives Podcast Episodes, the latest ranked movie genres,  and contests we will have from time to time. 

We look forward to growing our community! 


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