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Episode 5: Ghost Movies

Hosted by Lily, this is a casual conversation about the best ghost movies revolving around Reel Fives' aggregation of online movie rankings for best supernatural and ghost films. Guests this episode are Juan Triana and Jose Romero. The topics include Santeria and Voodoo, scariest ghost movie scenes ever, 80s dominance of ghost movie genre, and the disappointment of the Poltergeist remake. 

Juan's Top 5 Ghost and Supernatural Films:
1.  The shining 
2. The exorcist 
3. Poltergeist 
4. Sixth Sense 
5. Insidious 

Juan's #upthescore Ghost and Supernatural Films: 
The Exorcist (1973),  Eraserhead (1977)

Identifying the top movies is our mission.
Podcast:  https://soundcloud.com/reelfives

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