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Friday, October 30, 2015

About Reel Fives Pre-launch Movie Rankings

While the Reel Fives website ( www.reelfives.com) is still in development we plan to begin producing rankings and ratings for films and movies within selected genres. The broader and functional reel fives website, will have a great deal of more functionality and rigor but in anticipation we plan to list preliminary rankings for movies based on their rankings or ratings across the web. We are calling these our pre-launch rankings. Similar to what is done in sports with preseason rankings for the teams in each league, we will in some ways predict how movies within genres will be ranked based on currently available rankings and ratings information and well as relevant movie reviews. Of course, once our Reel Fives flagship website www.reelfives.com is launched these might significantly change. If you have any suggestions on genres you would like to see ranked please leave us a comment here or in our open invitation posted in order to select the third genre rank.

The rankings are based on how many of the online rankings lists' top five each movie makes. When movie makes the same number of top fives we have tie-breaker rules, such as how high movies ranked in each list.

We consider the top movies for each genre those movies that made the top five for at least one list we found through our exhaustive online rankings search. Movies that did not make at least one top five are not included in top movies. We will update the lists in the near future to reflect newer movies that have been released and aught to be there.

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