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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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We encourage all of our fans, especially dc fans (we are headquartered here) to find the best movies in your favorite genre through us.

The idea is to identify the best movies based on the top 5 movies that are reported for each genre, or in other words, each type of movie.  Reel Fives therefore is a compilation of top 5 movies  essentially serving as an aggregator. We hope to include broad movie and film genres such as drama, comedies, and science fiction to more specific genres such as kung fu movies, zombie movies, space movies, time-travel movies, horror comedies, buddy comedies, romcoms, robot movies and create feature movies (comic based and super-hero based) and will include news and new rankings and ratings information through these. In addition will also be providing the relevant information on current movies in theatres through these outlets. This will be a great place to find best movies in each of these genres.

We want to reiterate the distinction that although rocking potatoes covered everything entertainment, reel fives (reelfives) will only cover film. And unlike rocking potatoes that basically provided reviews for movies and tv shows (along with some summaries), reel fives (or reelfives) will focus on helping you pick out the best movie for each specific genre.

So come check out Reel Fives' social media outlets for the latest news and content. Note that while here at reel five we will provide movie news, the content on the reel five website and that on the reel five twitter and facebook outlets might be different because of the different platforms.  Fb/twitter reel five accounts might provide short news stories and real time  notices of new movie reviews, rankings, and ratings while the reel five website will be more inclined to more detailed reviews, articles, and discussion on movie/film  ratings and rankings (along with articles of current news).

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