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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Open invitation to suggest film genres for our pre-launch movie rankings.

Please share the film genres you are interested in seeing ranked with us!

Our goal at Reel Fives ( www.reelfives.com) is to help you pick the top movies for each genre. Our focus is on rigor as well as on the ability to provide movie rankings and ratings within each different genre in film.  As mentioned in our previous post, we well begin by providing pre-launch rankings for two specific genres: zombie movies and superhero movies. However, our aim is to not only establish the top zombie movies or top superhero movies but to do so for as many relevant and established (or establishing) genres as possible.

Currently, in our beginning stages and until our website's launch, we will publish several pre-launch movie rankings on some of the more popular film genres. The reason doing it this way rather than waiting for the beta version of reelfives.com to be launched to publish the rankings is that there is a great deal of complexity and functionality that will be required by our system due to the level of data aggregation and analysis we anticipate. We are in collaboration with  custom exposure to develop this as soon as possible, but at the same time, are also very eager to generate the content that we are excited to provide to establish the top movies in each genre.

Therefore, after we generate our first set of rankings for establishing  the top superhero movies and top zombie movies, are there other film genres that our readers would like see movie rankings for? One way to think about is: for what category of film would I like to know what the best movie is? We are eager to find out too.  Please leave us a comment with your suggestions or send us an email.  Here are some of the genres we are considering, aside from superhero and zombie films, for conducting pre-launch rankings:

Post-apocalyptic movies Examples:  Mad Max (1979), The Book of Eli (2010), The Road (2009),  Wall-E(2008)

Disaster movies
Examples: Earthquake(1974),  Twister(1996), The Poseidon Adventure (1974), When Time Ran Out (1980), Disaster Movie (2008)

Sports movies
Examples: Rocky(1976), The Mighty Ducks (1992), Chariots of Fire(1981), Wrestler (2008)

Examples: A Firstful of Dollars (1964), The good, the bad and the ugly (1966), Django Kill(1967), True Grit (2010), Unforgiven (1992)

Gangster movies
Examples: Pulp fiction (1994), The Godfather(1972), Casion(1995), The Departed (2006)

Identifying the top movies is our mission.