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Friday, March 25, 2016

Best DC Superhero Movies of All Time - Based on 130 Published Rankings

Scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), opening March 25th, 2016.
With the long awaited Batman v Superman movie being released in theaters today, it is an opportune time to release our rankings for top DC superhero movies of all time.  We already discussed rankings on all top superhero movies as well as the top 5 DC superhero movies. This is the complete list of DC superhero movies that are in at least one top five superhero movies ranking list, either from experts or from a polling site.  What distinguishes DC superhero movies from Marvel ones is the lack of variety. Of the 10 best DC superhero movies, only a single film, Watchmen (2009), is not about Batman or Superman. In 2016, DC is attempting to expand its film 'universe' by putting out multiple films, including the much anticipated Batman v Superman movie, which serves as a jumping off point for forming DC's Justice League - the superhero team that includes most of DC's titular characters. This is essentially DC's version of Marvel's Avengers. On opening day, Batman v Superman is not receiving favorable reviews and this does not bode well for a movie with a colossal budget, which was much anticipated (and hyped up), and which from its inception rubbed comic book fans the wrong way with the casting choice of Ben Affleck as Batman.  2016 will be a make-it or break-it year for DC comics, and this will determine how much change to anticipate for these pre-launch rankings in the near future. For a historical look at the influence of DC superheros on the superhero movie genre, take a look at our sneak peek article on superhero film.

Top 10 DC Superhero Movies
Percent of online top fives movies appear in shown 
1 . The Dark Knight (2008): 79.2%
2 . Superman: The Movie  (1978): 36.1%
3 . Batman Begins (2005): 30.0%
4 . Superman 2 (1980): 16.1%
5 . Batman  (1989): 15.3%
6 . The Dark Knight Rises (2012): 15.3%
7 . Watchmen (2009): 14.6%
8 . Batman Returns (1992): 3.84%
9 . Man Of Steel (2013): 2.30%
10 . Superman/ Batman Apocalypse (2010): 1.53%
These rankings are based on  130 published rankings by experts and polling sites.
For a list of the rankings, go to our ranking of all top superhero movies. 
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