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Monday, May 3, 2010

Jesse has grown up (Breaking Bad : S3E8 "One Minute")

(image: AMC)

This episode marked a conclusion of Jesse's transformation.  Jesse is now a big player and seems to have his head straight.  He is no longer a lingering peon in the meth game.  The beating Jesse took from Hank in the first moments of this episode was the event that, in my view, propels Jesse to the next level. Jesse's new found direction is conspicuous and sufficiently believable to have (with a little nudge from Skyler) Walt bow down and for first time show him respect. This was definitely the most dramatically demanding episode Jesse's character has had and Aaron Paul nailed it.  The episode presented the longest monologues for Jesse's character, that I can recall, as well as the most intense emotional outbursts.  Jesse displayed his new found strength as well the fears and sadness that dwell deep inside.

On the other hand, all the steam that had been building up within Hank's character finally caused Hank to implode.  We met Hank as an almost goofy character in the first two seasons with a mean edge while at work. This season he had been trekking through darker terrain as he found himself closer and closer to catching Heisenberg. Being fired for misconduct and getting his badge taken away softened him up and threw him into a cloud a self-doubt and fragility. This culminated when he received the 'one minute' phone call and got into the greatest gun fight (with The Cousins) we have ever seen in this show.  It was reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino film.  It appears that psychic potato's prediction was right in that Hank was not killed off just yet (see last week's post).

And now for our first rocking potatoes farewell.  It appears that "the cousins" are gone.  You will be missed.  Thus far you were the best character(s) to be killed off in Breaking Bad.  We will miss your mute presence. We will miss your skull-tipped boots.  We will miss your ax-murdering ways. And most of all, we will miss your visits to that freaky chapel. RIP.

(image: AMC)
Also, it looks like Walter is becoming more and more careless about his ways.  He visits Jesse at the hospital, not appearing to be concerned with the dangers of being seen publicly.  He talks to him on the phone very freely.  This seems odd for someone who is coming so close to being caught.  On a sidenote, I just want to give some credit to Bob Odenkirk (Saul) whose character really livens up the show.  His silly antics and demeanor really balance all of the show's violence and dark areas.  If not for Saul the show might come off as too somber.

Finally, psychic potato has a prediction-- something bad is going to happen due to Walt essentially firing Gale. Psychic potato sees that Walt has underestimated Gale and that Gale will catch on to what happened and get back at Walt in a big way.

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