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Friday, April 30, 2010

Michael is a genius in disguise (The Office : S6E23, "Body Language")

(image: nbc)
As a viewer, one sits through this show and sees Michael do a million ridiculous things, but once in a while, like in this epidsode, one is reminded of why this zany character is the manager of the office. There is a genius, method to the madness, type of effect that enables us to still believe that Michael should be boss. This episode mainly revolved around two plots--Michael's true people skills and Dwight's failed plotting skills.

The bar manager that Michael met at happy hour (episode 21), Donna, comes into the office for a 'pitch' to sell her a laser printer (and paper I'm assuming). I have purchased laser printers before and it usually does not require a pitch- but I digress. Michael was a complete horndog and tried several things to subliminally seduce her, but they superficially appeared to not work, although I think most people at home gathered that it would work out at the end. Even when Michael and Donna first met it didn't really make sense for Donna to be attracted to Michael in my opinion, but I figure if the writers are pushing it that way then it will probably work. At the end, Michael gets Donna and proves all the doubters wrong.

This episode also put the spotlight back on Dwight a bit and I really enjoyed that. His failed plot to reign in the office was hilarious to follow. The plan was to get apparently easy-to-manipulate Kelly to join an affirmative action type of program that promotes minorities to management. Dwight thought he could get her to win the office's single entry to the program and use her later to take over, but Ryan ended up being the one pulling the strings. (By the way, did anyone else notice that Ryan looks more and more like a hipster with every coming episode? Just an observation.) I really like that this show introduces somewhat politically sensitive issues, race in this episode's case, and provides a nice comedic spin to lighten them up. This touching up on race and racial profiling in very well timed given Arizona's immigration bill that was recently signed into law. These subtle things are what make this show such an excellent entertaining watch.

Finally, there has been no continuation from last show. What is going on with Andy and Erin? Its almost as if nothing happened last week--the lack of continuity distracted me I have to say. I was looking for something to happen between Andy and Erin. In fact, this episode may as well have been inserted prior to last week's.

**On a side note, some comments on last week's post were erroneous since there are still a couple of episodes left in the season; these errors are being fixed**

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