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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby's still a secret? (Real Housewives of New York : S3E8)

Bethany is engaged!! Congratulations to her and Jason again, married now with a bun in the oven. They seem to really love each other and it looks like they will work out (for a little while at least!). I don't want to say forever cause I don't want to jinx anything. We don't actually get to see Jason pop the question but her and Alex have their moment. It seems they are becoming good friends now, and i can see them still being close a year from now. Bethany is still keeping her baby a secret for now. What's she doing! She's getting into deep water with that if you ask me!I wonder what Jill will have to say about that!

Kelly, oh, Kelly. Burning pancakes (and a spatula) while her daughter got them right, lol.

From their lunch it seems Ramona and Sonja have alot of history together knowing each other for 20 years- from the time they were both young and single. As old friends they both know what to expect from the other, so I do not see them getting in to any quarrls any time soon. I can't say the same for Kelly though. (MEOW!) Sonja  was talking about her hooking up with Max again, the Argentinian who we briefly saw Kelly with last season. It seems that Sonja wants some kind reaction out of Kelly but Kelly doesn't like to kiss n' tell and I guess also has more important things on her mind than Max. Sonja may get along with Ramona, LuAnn, and maybe even Kelly (most of the time) but I think Bethany might have a comment or two about this wild woman.

Kelly hosted a party this week for Gotham magazine. LuAnn asks Mario, in Italian, about the "count-less"  comment he made, and he still did not apologize. Mario really lacks class if he can't bring himself to say a simple "i'm sorry" That is all the woman asks for, and deserves. Bethany announced her engagement and she got her congrats from everyone, yes, even Jill, who actually tries to get a grip and manages to catch Bethany as they are on their way out. I guess Bethany realizes that she no longer wants to try to be Jill's friend. I have said that I want them to be friends again but really think they are too different women and perhaps now Alex is a better fit. In the end, not too much drama tonight but it looks like there is plenty left for next week.

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