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Monday, April 19, 2010

Is Breaking Bad tv noir? (Breaking Bad : S3E5)

(image: Breaking Bad, Season 3, Episode 5, still from AMC.)
I have followed this show from the beginning and it just gets better and better.  The show has really come into its own, with every season (and episode it seems) an improvement over the last. The directing (although it rotates), cinematography, acting, and dialogue all keep improving.  From my viewing experience this show comes closest to film noir than any tv show and this episode was a testatment to that.  From the dimly light scenes to the moral struggles of the characters its noir- if it were a movie I think it would go under that category. If you pay close attention many of the rooms are much darker than they naturally would be. For example, take the dinner scene where Walt ends up holding his baby.
This episode may have been the biggest change in Walt we have seen.  After struggling with himself the first episodes of this season it seems Walt has finally accepted he is a corrupt 'bad' guy.  This change was most explicitly demonstrated by Walt wearing all black as he enters the meeting with Jesse and Saul.  Recall that earlier in the series Walt would have a Heisenberg 'getup' (remember that stupid hat and sunglasses?) but this was more of a costume while now Walt is dressing like a bad ass by choice. Signing the papers for Skyler was another obvious indication of his acceptance as the bad guy.

This episode was also the calm before the storm.  I think Jesse is bound to do something crazy to get back at Walt for cutting him off the game and of course Hank's new discovery puts him very very very close to catching them.  A shitstorm's abrewing my friends.

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