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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Season almost over but where's the big bang? (The Office: S6E25, "Secretary's Day")

(image: nbc)
After all these (6) seasons The Office still cracks me up.  Such a well written show.  Gotta love the randomness. This is the almost the last episode and there is nothing building up at the moment.  Psychic Potato predicts something big will happen at the end of the season (next couple episodes) with Sabre.  Breaking off of Sabre perhaps?

In this episode Pam gets back from maternity leave after having Cici. To be honest I enjoyed the break from Pam; the show lost a lot love from me when it essentially became a rom com focusing on Pam and Jim the last couple of seasons.  We’ll see how it proceeds now that they're parents and the romancing has cooled off a bit.  Is it just me or has she aged? Also, what happened to Toby? He looks like he gained 30 lbs.

This episode definitely featured Erin and for the record I have not been a big fan so far.  I think in order to keep The Office funny there needs to be a balance between off the wall characters like Dwight and Michael and lower profile characters like Stan and Angela.  Erin creeps me out – I feel awkward just watching her.  She’s rarely funny and odd most the time. Michael Scott definitely saved the scene before the commercial break (“i’ll have what she’s having”) where Erin was being weird at the restaurant (room of hair? really?)... and for this I was very grateful.

So as far as Gabe I was confused for a bit too.  Not sure what he is for Sabre...guess not IT guy.  One wiki says he’s director of sales and another says he’s  “coordinating director for emerging regions”.  I'm still ambivalent about him. On the other hand can I have some more Jo (Kathy Bates) please? I think the back and forth between her and Michael Scott is one of the funniest things that's come out in The Office recently.

Finally, I was just curious so I looked it up and Secretary Day is actually a real holiday lol.  Its the third Wednesday of every April. Apparently it not that unknown as my girlfriend sitting next to me exclaimed "yeah its a real holiday! you didn't know that ?".

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