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Monday, April 26, 2010

And there goes the RV ! (Breaking Bad: S3E6)

(image: Season 3 Episode 6 still from amc)
Most of this episode kept me at the edge of my seat; it was the most intense episode of the season.

It began with Walt living his new divorce man and maestro of mass meth production life. His new lab partner Gale is introduced.  I am not sure how I feel about Gale yet but I can say that so far he's been well acted by David Costablie -- definitely a believable nerdy liberaterian.  I loved the coffee machine apparatus he sets up in the lab (wish I had one of those at home!). I noticed a subtle grin on Walt's face as he cooked in the new industrial lab . This is further confirmation of Walt's acceptance of the 'bad-guy' persona.  The man is starting to feel comfortable in his own drug producer skin.

Torwards the beginning of the episode Jesse looked more focused and seemed to have gone through a transition of his own.  When he was talking to his boys you could sense the new position of authority and maturity that Jesse had reached.  His whole demeanor seemed different.

Jesse's apparent change all fell through when the shit hit the fan though. The pinnacle of that moment was when Hank called Walt from in front of Jesse's house and asked him if he knew about an RV.  WTF!  That right there was where the levees broke my friends. The floodgates opened up and it was sink or swim. While Walt was fixing the situation Jesse reverted to the rash stupid druggie we're used to and rushed to the RV with Hank on his tail. Although, to be fair, its half Walt's fault. Didn't he know that Jesse would react stupidly like that? He didn't plan for THAT contingency.  All in all they were able to save the situation through Saul's maneuvering and a little forklift and car crusher action, but Jesse and Walt are still knee-deep in it.  We'll see what happens next-- I refuse to believe that they are just going to kill off Hank in the next couple of episodes. 

On a side note the Diablo twins are my favorite new characters this season. There is an aura of mystery to them that make them extremely intriguing. Who sits in a fast-food store for hours without speaking a word? They definitely add to the show and aren't annoying like Tuco was at times.

Finally, one thing I always enjoy about Breaking Bad is the revolving directors that come through.  They give each episode a little of a bit different flavor.  For example, last week's director gave the show a gritty dark film-noir type of feel (see our entry from last week) but this episode was a bit more fresh and vibing with a great deal more music, tones, and brighter/more colorful lighting. Right now, in my humble opinion, this and Weeds are the best shows on TV.

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