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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fashionable Baby Mama Drama! (Real Housewives of New York : S3E7)

So there's a new housewife tonight, Sonja, and the only thing I could think to say about her is that she loves being rich and single. Jill talks to Bobby about her meeting with Bethany, and I don't know what Jill's problem is but I wish that they would just be friends again. Bethany seems really sorry and I feel like maybe there's some hidden agenda on Jill's end- but she does say here that she's trying to get over it, so who knows? Luann may have found the young Mr. M she was told about from that psychic. In the mean time Ramona asks Mario to recommit to her as a part of her whole "renewal".
It's finally Brooklyn Fashion Week and it's time for Alex, Kelly and Ramona to hit the catwalk. Bethany is out of town but Jill shows up, and only to say nothing nice, maybe part of it was that she felt out of place, maybe she was jealous, she could have had a more positive attitude. When the ladies walked Kelly's shoulders did look a little linebackerish in the strapless yellow dress, but I thought she worked it. I don't know how much modeling experience Alex has but she did not do bad and Jill said Ramona "looked like an alien had invaded her body" lol and it was pretty funny, the eyes were bulging, the neck was stiff and it made her walk look even more awkward.
Bethany peed on the stick and got the wonderful news that she's pregnant!, and Jason was m.i.a.!! I would die if my man chose that moment to not answer the phone, but good for them. To top off the night Jill is having a release party as she represents Kodak and Ramona wants to fight. Maybe its payback for the fashion show but her and Jill get in to a little spat and then in the middle of Jill's speech she decides to confront Kelly and make a scene in the back of the room....Jill was "betrayed"...who will be the first to bump heads with Sonja I wonder?

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